OpenVMK is a way for fans to revisit their old home, Virtual Magic Kingdom. By utilizing this website, you understand that the fan-made game contained within was originally created by Disney and/or its affiliates. OpenVMK is run by fans, for fans.
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Welcome to Open Virtual Magic Kingdom!
Create a character, play, and win stuff!
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Welcome back! If you missed VMK as much as we did, you're probably itching to get into the game. Well, now you can! OpenVMK is finally open for your playing pleasure, just click the Play Now button on the left.

As you know, OpenVMK is in the "beta testing" phase. The game still has many bugs, and server downtime is sporadic. Bear with us!

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Want a place to discuss OpenVMK with other fans? Wanna reminisce about VMK? The new Official OpenVMK Forums have opened!
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If you ever registered for OpenVMK (May 2011 - now) your account will still work. If you haven't registered yet, click the Play Now button and select "Register for OpenVMK."
We're making some huge changes to OpenVMK! To better honor VMK, the way OpenVMK functions is being reworked.
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Here at OpenVMK, we're all about the Disney Parks. Now at Walt Disney World, the recently expanded New Fantasyland offers more immersive enchantment than ever before.
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