About OpenVMK

What Is OpenVMK?

The Open Virtual Magic Kingdom (let's just call it OpenVMK or OVMK) is an online multi-player game. Where else can you experience the awesome magic of Disney Theme Parks from your own home? Nowhere, that's where. You get to create your own character and check out amazing lands, play action-packed games and even decorate your own personal room with cool virtual stuff. Plus, you can meet tons of other OVMKers from around the world. Oh, and it's totally FREE, so you can log in and unleash the magic now!

Can I Play?

Hey, it's a free country, of course you can play. OVMK may be designed for 8-14 year olds, but Disney fans of all ages will have a blast. No matter how old you are, you'll discover something fun in the game. Just make sure you respect the OVMK way so that everybody has a good time.

Here are a few Rules and Guidelines for OpenVMK:

OpenVMK Values
Top Chat Tips
Guide for Parents
Game Guide

The game is down for maintenance.