Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do if I can't log into OVMK?
  • Why do I only see a black page?
  • Why do I get a pop-up that says "security risk" when I load OVMK?
  • How can I become a Community Leader?

What should I do if I can't log into OVMK?

Check to make sure you entered your OpenVMK login and password correctly.

Next, check the server status, OVMK is not always open.

You can always find out the status of the game by looking at the green button on the left of the homepage. Does it say that the game is closed?

The Kingdom might be full. Are you getting a message that says the server is full?

Have you been banned? If you see a message saying you have been denied access to the Kingdom, wait two hours, then retry. If you still can't get in after seven days, Contact Us.

The OpenVMK servers may be experiencing major traffic. In this case, please try again later.

Does your computer have Adobe Shockwave installed? (learn more here)

If you're still reading, then it seems you might have a technical problem.

Out Of Memory: Try restarting your computer. Also, make sure you don't have too many other browser windows/programs open when you try to play OVMK.

Firewalls: If you have a firewall running on your computer or network, make sure you have specific ports opened on it, so that you may use OVMK. Also check which programs are blocked from accessing the internet to make sure you haven't denied access to OVMK.

Caching: Your ISP may be keeping an old copy of our site on its servers. Unfortunately there isn't much we can do about this, but it will usually update in a few hours.

Disconnected: If you keep getting the "Disconnected! Please reload OVMK" pop up, the connection between your computer and OVMK has broken. Sometimes you will still be able to speak and move about, but some parts of the game -- like the Map or your Mail -- might not work. Try reloading the game (Ctrl-R/Cmd-R or F5). Since this problem is caused by the connection from your ISP (whom you connect to the Internet through, e.g., AT&T, Comcast) to the Internet breaking, it may due to high Internet traffic; trying later just might help

Script Errors: Do you get pop-ups saying "script error" or "this file is not a Director file," etc. This sometimes happens if we have added new things to the Kingdom, like new bits of furniture in the Catalog. To solve the problem, close all your browser windows and delete your "Temporary Internet Files" (otherwise known as "clearing the cache"). Close the browser window. When you go into the game next it will take a bit longer to load, but the script errors should not occur.

The game is down for maintenance.