For Parents

What Do Players Do in OVMK?

OpenVMK (OVMK) lets anyone experience the awesome magic of Disney Theme Parks from home. It's a bit like a game, but all the Characters are controlled by real people playing from locations all over the world.

Who's it for?

OpenVMK is aimed at young people, but Disney fans of any age are welcome play.

Is It Safe?

Even when a game has great safety features and controls, there's no substitute for a hands-on approach and people to call on.

Whenever the game is open, there are OVMK Staff on hand to help Players.

OVMK Staff are carefully selected and fully-trained staff members. Players can ask OVMK Staff for help at any time by clicking on HELP in the game. OVMK Staff will then either send them a message or join them in the game to help them.

To make it easy to find them, the Characters of OVMK Staff members wear bright green mouse ears in the game and dress in green clothing. All Staff Character names begin with either "OVMK_" or "HOST_". You can also identify OVMK Staff by clicking on their Character and checking for the Mickey badge in their profile.

Conversations in all parts of OVMK are logged and can be monitored at any time without warning. Questionable behavior may be reported to appropriate authorities.

Conversation in the Kingdom is filtered by a pre-defined blacklist of inappropriate words and is monitored on a periodic basis. This filters out swearing, racist and sexist terms and other words unsuitable for children. It also filters out e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Players who circumvent the filter will be banned from OVMK for their own protection.

To help us keep your child safe, please go through Top Chat Tips with them before you let them play.

Why Do You Ask for My E-Mail Address?

We ask for your e-mail address so that we can send password reminders and otherwise manage your child's account. Your e-mail is not shared with anyone.

Does It Cost Anything to Play OVMK?

It is completely free to register and play the game, and the rooms and furniture are purchased using credits the Player earns simply by playing the game.

Can My Child's Credits or In-Game Belongings (e.g. Furniture and Pins) Be Stolen?

Not if your child keeps their password secret. Someone else needs to know a Player's password to play the game as them and take their stuff, or spend any accumulated credits. Unfortunately, children are very trusting and can be taken in by scammers. To counteract this, we provide Players with information and advice on how to keep their account and belongings secure.

Be sure your computer is protected with anti-virus software or you could be at risk from keyloggers, which are files sent to you via e-mail or instant messengers.

How Can I Get Further Information About OpenVMK?

More detailed information can be found in our FAQs. If you have a specific question please use the Contact Us form to e-mail us — make sure you choose the "Parent/guardian" option.

The game is down for maintenance.