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Visiting for the First Time

Installing Shockwave

You need to download Shockwave before you can explore OpenVMK. You might already have the Shockwave Player — it's used to view lots of interactive stuff on the Web, like games and animations. Download it if you don't have it already.

  • Go to the Adobe Shockwave Install page
  • Install the FULL version of Shockwave. OpenVMK will not work with the Slim version.

Registering for the Game

To play OVMK, you need to first create a free account.

Respect for Privacy

Your personal information is safe with us. We need a valid e-mail address to validate your information. We will only use this e-mail address to send you messages regarding your account.

Choosing a Password

Choosing a good password keeps your account secure and your OVMK Character and belongings safe. Many people choose a password that means something to them, like the name of a pet. Some people even make up a password that includes their name or nickname, or they just use a common word, like "hello" or "password" or "secret." These may be easy to remember, but they're also very easy for someone else to guess. To make up a good password, try to use a mix of at least 7 letters and numbers. Don't use a password that you've used on another site, and don't ever tell someone else what your password is!

Creating Your Character

Now that you're a member of OpenVMK, it's time to enter the Kingdom! You need to get your Character ready first. Choose a fun name (not your real one!), decide if you want to be a boy or a girl, and think of a signature (a one-liner that other Guests see when they click on your Character in the game). Then you get to create your own unique look, choosing from loads of hairstyles and clothing, or remix fun Disney costumes.

Creating Your Room

Next up is the really exciting part: You get your very own piece of the Park, a Guest room that other OVMK Players can visit. The first room comes free, and the more you hang out and play the games, the more credits you get to spend on furnishings and extra rooms!

The game is down for maintenance.