Game Safety

The safety of OVMK Guests is our utmost concern and reasonable safeguards have been put in place to create a safe, fun-filled community-based game experience. As part of our focus on safety, we encourage you to do a few simple things to further protect you from any uncomfortable situations:

  • Always feel free to contact OVMK Staff if you are being bothered by another Player.
  • Call for Help if you are made to feel uncomfortable by anyone you encounter in the game.
  • Be aware that there are Players who may attempt to use scams to steal your game credits or stuff.
  • Always keep a parent or guardian informed that you are playing OVMK.
  • Have fun and follow the OVMK Values.

Staff Members

  • OVMK_Archer
  • OVMK_Aspiration
  • OVMK_Grizzly
  • OVMK_Justice
  • OVMK_Lucy
  • OVMK_Mason
  • OVMK_Shane
  • HOST_Amanda

The game is down for maintenance.