Game Safety : OVMK Values

OpenVMK Values

Open Virtual Magic Kingdom is a free multi-Player game, where you can have a Disney Theme Park experience and hang out with your friends. While it is designed to be enjoyed by Guests of all ages, many OpenVMK Players are between the ages of 8-14, so OVMK needs to be a safe, non-threatening environment.

The rules are very simple. Stick to them and everyone will have fun; break them and you'll get yourself banned from the game.

You Must NOT:

  • Use ANY hacking, scripting or editing program with the game.
  • Steal other Players' credits or in-game belongings.
  • Describe sexual acts to other Players or engage in suggestive activities such as "twerking."
  • Pester people who don't want to talk to you.
  • Swear or use sexually graphic or discriminating terms.
  • Ask other Players for their login or personal information.
  • Discuss third-party websites or entities.
  • Type your password anywhere except on the OpenVMK website.
  • Give away, trade or sell your OpenVMK Character.
  • Break the law in the game or talk others into breaking it.

You Should:

  • Have fun!
  • Hang out with your friends.
  • Chat with new people.
  • Respect other people's views and beliefs.

For more information to make gameplay as safe as possible, please read the Safety Section of Help.

We reserve the right to use any means, whether tech-led or people-powered, to uphold the OpenVMK Values. OVMK management also reserves the right to refuse admission and may report anyone who violates the rules to the proper authorities.

The game is down for maintenance.